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 BAX 3000 Testimonials

All testimonials have been submitted by current or former patients of Dr. Warner and have been used by written consent.

"Overall, my health is very good, but I have suffered from severe acid reflux for 15 years. I don't like taking medications so I have spent the past 15 years trying to get relief from acid reflux without taking pills. Over those 15 years I took the advice of three medical doctors and health food experts at the health food stores. I tried diet change, meals scheduling, portion control, food supplements - I tried them all, without success.

I have been a cop for over 30 years. I'm skeptical until I see proof in most matters.

When I moved to Tennessee I met a cop here with a similar acid reflux history to mine: years of suffering, lots of medications, no working alternative. He told me he found his answer when he became a patient of Dr. Warner and used the BAX 3000.

After a few months of the BAX 3000 procedure this cop was able to stop taking acid reflux medication and was able to eat anything he wants without suffering all night from acid reflux. I was skeptical, but cop-to-cop I knew he wasn't lying to me. He had sincerely found relief.

I decided to set an appointment with Dr. Warner. Dr. Warner facilitated for me a series of brief, non-invasive sessions using the BAX 3000.

I completed 30 sessions over a period of 8 months. I knew within 24 hours after certain sessions that the process had had a dramatic effect on my acid reflux symptoms. For example: I felt significant improvement in my ability to tolerate dairy products after the session focused on dairy sensitivity.

During these 8 months I was able to stop taking the acid reflux medications "cold turkey" and began sleeping through the night without waking up with the nightly 3 a.m. heartburn pain. I actually stopped thinking about acid reflux. No medications, no change in diet, and I am sleeping through the night.

Now the only time I get heartburn is if I really overindulge, and even then the discomfort is nothing compared to the severe pain I had frequently for years.

For me, that is success!"

Gail Wilczynski, June 2015


"After eating cayenne pepper for 21 years, in August 2011 I suddenly became allergic. Pretty soon, I couldn't eat it, touch it, or even breathe it. My body became so allergic that within one minute it would start going into anaphylactic shock. My cheeks would start puffing out, my throat would start closing, my tongue would start swelling, my ears would hurt, I'd have trouble talking and breathing, I'd start falling asleep, among other symptoms. I went to several doctors and specialists and they all came to the same conclusion: 'You have a rare, life-threatening allergy but there's nothing we can do about it. We have no meds, no shots, and almost no research or info for you.' My allergy was so severe that I began living like a hermit, only venturing out to 'safe' spots such as church, the library, and the craft store. My passion for God and missions felt blocked - no longer was I traveling abroad and serving! Instead, I was at home trying not to be scared every time I saw food or heard the crinkle of a bag being opened...because often someone would forget that even the simplest and most 'innocent' of foods had cayenne in it and I'd have to rush outside and take steriods and pray I wouldn't have to use the two EpiPens the doctor gave me. In March 2012, friends from church told me about BAX 3000. I was pretty doubtful that it would work but I was ready to try whatever so that I could live and breathe normally again. I had gone from a healthy active 21 year old who traveled often to a pale weak 21 year old who barely left her house and lost weight too. The end of March I began my first treatment. I was pretty scared - and had no clue if it would help me or not. First Dr. Warner did testing to see what other... sensitivities I had. Turns out, I had a lot! We started working on these smaller (sensitivities) - like cinnamon, flaxseed, eggs, etc. - and then in May 2012, we treated for cayenne pepper. By June, I still hadn't had any further episodes of anaphlaxis or any other problems with breathing cayenne. I was cautiously optimistic. My family went on vacation and I entered a restaurant for the first time in months. I'm sure the waitress thought we were strange but we were too grateful to care. I stayed at the table the entire meal with no reactions! ...After that restaurant visit, I began branching out back into my normal active and social life. I started eating spicy foods, going to restaurants and friends' houses again, and even cooked with cayenne. I was fine. I thank God often for BAX 3000 and that I can now do and go where He calls me - fear of allergy reactions gone. In February 2013, I went to do missions and teach English abroad for 1.5 years in Taiwan. Because of the laser treatment March - June 2012, I was able to be in Taiwan! I'm so grateful for this and that I am completely fine. I would definitely recommend BAX 3000 to others and do so often. Thank God for BAX 3000 and Dr. Warner!"

Joanna Suich, May 2015


"Dr. Warner, I had to share this with you. I will be happy to share this with anyone. As you know, my little girl has Eosinophilic esophagitis (is an inflammatory condition in which the wall of the esophagus becomes filled with large numbers of eosinophils, a type of white blood cell.) This disorder is caused and made worse by environmental allergies. Her doctor said her case was one of the worse he had seen 4, 3 and 2 years ago when scoped. 2 years ago it actually went into her colon as well. My husband and I were a little skeptical when we first heard about your treatment...but we were willing to try anything to help our very sick little girl. She threw up many times a day and was always in pain. Well, she had her scopes at the hospital yesterday, and she is 95% better!!!!! The results were staggering. I feel if I had taken her to a few more treatments with you that she would be at 100%...Of course, we have no way to 'prove' what made her better, but I do not think for one minutes your funny little machine did not lead to this much of a recovery. I also absolutely stand firm in the grace of God. She is a different little girl now. She rarely throws up. She still has some effects that she suffers, but I am hoping with your help we can make it all go away..."



"After having my allergy treatments, eating food is no longer a problem. I had food allergies to many things, primarily wheat and corn, so it was difficult eating without a reaction beforehand. I have had not a single reaction now from eating. Sometimes, my throat would swell up and I couldn't breathe, so the difference is amazing. I had other allergies as well that contributed to me being sick very frequently. After the treatments, I don't get sick near as much as I used to."

-Krystyna Millhouse


"Before the treatment, I couldn't stand to have any doors or windows open during grass mowing. It could even be a neighbor mowing. I would almost instantly have congestion, red watery itchy eyes. I also had these problems with laundry soap and other things with fragrance. I also had trouble when anyone burned leaves or had campfires. After treatment, my symptoms are gone."

-Lisa Swafford


"I became aware of the BAX3000 program through a friend's testimonial of success. I began earlier this year (2009)and am experiencing many favorable results. Before, I was afflicted with frequent episodes of itchy, watery, stinging eyes--so much so that reading was more trouble than worth. I wanted to just close my eyes and lie around. My skin and scalp, too, itched a lot more than normal. Working outside in the yard gave me symptoms of sneezing and coughing, developing at times into bronchitis, sending me to the doctor for shots (which were a very minor help). I was sensitive to mosquito and other insect bites. Now, after treatments, I'm experiencing none of these symptoms. Can't remember when I've had a headache, insect bite, croupy cough, or anything but normal amount of sneezing, coughing or itching. I would recommend it to others. I count myself 90 plus percent improved."

-Anna Lawson


"I would develop headaches, sore throat when exposed to perfumes, also a number of chemicals. I would have problems trying to talk. I had to give up cutting my grass.  Doug mentioned it while I was getting an  adjustment at his office. I told him as soon as he was ready, I was as well. I can do my own yard now, thus saving a good deal of money. I can breath while being exposed to perfumes and other chemicals. It has improved my quality of life greatly. Fresh painting and carpets are much easier to take... I have already recommended this treatment to others. One friend is taking treatements now and is very pleased and would recommend it to anyone."

-Colin Webb


"I decided to try the laser allergy treatments mainly because of my struggle with seasonal allergies. Being outside caused a lot of congestion, sneezing, and misery. Now, after completing my treatments, I'm excited to say that I can work outside all day with no problems! BAX-3000 also fixed my reaction to bee stings. After getting stung, I used to develop severe swelling. As a bee keeper, this swelling made it impossible, not to mention painful. After my laser treatments, I intentionally let myself get stung to see what my reaction would be. I was amazed! My severe reaction to bee stings is gone! Thank you BAX-3000!"

-Fred Tyler


"I found Dr. Warner in a newspaper ad. I suffered from multiple allergies--my cats, the wood fireplace at my work. I had developed a cough that wouldn't stop, I kept losing my voice. I felt more energy and lost my cough in the first week. I no longer take any allergy meds. I was taking 5 pills and eye & nose drops. I also lost my upset stomach from random foods. My quality of life is better than I have ever had. I feel wonderful. Being able to watch the leaves change without sneezing. This is a blessing. The cost is nothing compared to getting your life back."

-Sheila Owenby


"Just thought I should let you know of the good news I recently got about my Crohn's Disease!  I had a colonoscopy about a month ago and my specialist told me that my Crohn's is all cleared up.  He told me that if I ever have symptoms again I will have to be referred to him by my family doctor - he doesn't consider me his patient anymore.  I don't know if I've ever heard of this happening  before - it's pretty amazing. 

Thanks again for all your help!  Really appreciate it!" 


"Before using BAX3000 I had headaches, itchy eyes and cough. I couldn't go outside in spring and fall. I wasn't able to open the windows and enjoy fresh air.

After the BAX3000, I feel great. My symptoms are gone. The windows are open and I can enjoy spring. It's wonderful! Also, I haven't taken an allergy pill since my 3rd session. I would highly recommend Dr. Warner and the BAX3000 to others who suffer from allergies."

Jeanne Lay